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It is not whether we have it—everyone has anger. Rather, it is what we do with it that makes the difference between an angry person and a calm one.  Anger can blind us to many things.  Anger can ruin our health and relationships. 

Using the simple tools provided in this book will help you to recognize your anger, deal with it and keep it from coming back.  The result?  A happier, more productive life!

Author Hal Goldblatt was motivated to write Anger: A Practical Guide to Anger Management after spending years trying unsuccessfully to deal with his own anger.  It was only after being introduced to Recovery International, a self-help anger management group, that he was able to overcome his anger. 

As a volunteer leader with Recovery International for the past 22 years, Hal has seen the lessons presented in this book help hundreds of individuals.   Recovery International has been helping people manage their anger for over 75 years. 

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